White Bavarian sausages

P1040729White Bavarian sausages, known as weisswurst, are a traditional Munich treat. Eating Bavarian weisswurst properly is an important part of the tradition and tourists may find themselves stared at for doing it incorrectly. It is said in Germany that weisswurst must never hear the noon bells, so order yours at breakfast or brunch, not at dinner. Serve Bavarian sausages with a soft pretzel, sweet mustard and beer. Yes, beer for breakfast — it’s traditional.

Step 1
Fill a deep skillet with 2 to 3 inches of water. Turn the heat to low-medium and heat the water until it is hot and tiny bubbles are just starting to form on the bottom.

Step 2
Place the weisswurst in the hot water and watch them carefully. Cook them for 20 to 25 minutes, making sure that the water does not come to a boil. The sausages are done when an instant-read thermometer reads 155 degrees Fahrenheit.
Step 3
Remove the weisswurst from the water with tongs and serve them two to a plate.
Step 4
Place a soft pretzel and a generous dollop of sweet mustard on each plate.
Step 5
Pick the sausage up in your dominant hand when it is cool enough to hold.
Step 6
Dip the end of the weisswurst in the sweet mustard and put the tip of the sausage into your mouth.
Step 7
Close your teeth around the sausage about 2 inches from the tip, but do not bite through the skin.
Step 8
Slide the sausage back out of your mouth, skimming the meat from the casing. Repeat until the sausage is all gone, alternating with bites of pretzel and sips of beer. Repeat for the second sausage.